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Gulet (Gullet)

Traditional wooden boat of south Mediterranean, designed to offer high comfort to guests. Mostly all cabins have double berths, own shower and toilette. Indoor and outdoor saloon offers enough space for entertainment. All Gulets have spacious decks, a perfect place for sunbathing.

"Vila Vrgade"

Gulet Vila Vrgade

A classic two masted caique offering superb accommodation of 8 guests in 4 double berth cabins. - More details


Gulet Ilario

Beautiful Gulet with 4 double berth cabins and a splendid dinette. Total refitting made during 2002. - More details


Gulet Siroko

Široko can accommodate 8 guests in 4 double berth cabins with plenty of headroom. - More details


Gulet Babac

A fine-looking wooden gulet with spacious interiors. 8 people can accommodate in 4 double berth cabins. - More details

"Adriatic Paradise"

Gulet Adriatic Paradise

A 27 m wooden ketch with spacious interiors. 20 people can accommodate in 10 double berth cabins. - More details


Gulet Branimir

Beautiful hundred years old wooden gulet Branimir completly renewed for 8-10 guests. - More details


Gulet Patronice

Enjoy your sailing hollidays with beautiful wooden gulet Patronice. - More details


Gulet Jugo

Your sailing vacation along the coastline and islands of the Adriatic Sea aboard one of Croatia's newest traditional wooden gulets. - More details


Gulet Andi

With its lenght of 21 meter, Andi can accomodate up to 12 guest in 6 double berth cabins. - More details


Gulet Sadra

Sadra ia a beautiful and large gulet with accommodation for 14 guests in 7 double berth cabins. - More details


Gulet Bofor

"Bofor" is a 26 m classically designed gulet offering you superb accommodation for up to 14 guests. - More details


Gulet Ostro

A beautiful gulet with roomy interiors. 8 guests can accommodate in 4 double berth cabins. - More details

"Kapetan Luka"

Gulet Kapetan Luka

This 32 m iron made gulet can accommodate up to 28 guest in double or single berth cabins. - More details


Gulet Atlantia

Traditional wooden gulet Atlantia, completly rebuilt in 2002. can accommodate up to 10 persons - More details


Gulet Perla

Gulet Perla is 31m in lenght and have 8 cabins for passengers - More details


Gulet Arburat

Gulet Arburat is a luxurious wooden motor sailor boat, designed specifically for cruising in crystal clear Adriatic sea - More details


Gulet Ser

Ser went through total refit in 2005. 6 double bed cabins each with private shower & toilet and hot water. - More details


Gulet Pulenat

This is a charming wooden gulet. 8 guests can accomodate in 4 double berth cabins. - More details


Gulet San

A 22 m classically designed gulet with accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 double cabins - More details

"Bella Laura"

Gulet Bella Laura

This is a typical wooden gulet fully hand built by skilful carpenters. 14 guests can accomodate... - More details


Gulet Hera

Typical gullet made by the masters of shipbuilding.
(Planned to engineer of France) - More details

"Dunya - Ketch 21 "

Gulet Perla

Ketch 21 type wooden gulet Dunya is a 21m long boat ... - More details


Gulet Polo

Sailing motor yacht Polo is a gulet type boat and it is ideal for ... - More details

"Prvi Odisej "

Gulet Jugo

"Prvi Odisej", is one of the biggest motor yachts (30 m) on the Adriatic... - More details

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