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Why Croatia?

croatia islands

Croatia soared to the top of this year's poll on a lonelyplanet 'Hot spots'. Croatia's appeal was its unique combination of culture, history, cuisine, accessibility and affordability. As one staffer wrote, "This is Croatia's year. It appeals to a wide range of travellers with its rich diversity of attractions. And it has not yet been over-touristed, but it has developed an excellent tourism infrastructure - so that it suits both adventurous travellers and those who need a degree of comfort in their planning." Another staffer wrote, "Croatia's combination of easy accessibility (it's within driving distance of a large chunk of Europe), relative affordability (especially compared to the beach countries like Spain and Italy), and high quality will mean that it will be a 'hot' destination again this year." Other staffers lauded its "stunning beaches and islands," "magnificent food" and "wonderfully preserved towns such as Dubrovnik."

croatia beachCroatia is a young European country with rich history and cultural heritage that originates from Romans through Napoleon, Austro-Hungarians. Many historical monuments and archaeological sites that date back to Neolithic age will surely fulfill your staying here.

Nowhere in Europe can you find on rather small geographical area such a variety of landscapes and mild climate like in Croatia. Indented coast with over 1000 islands, 2600 sunny days per year and sea temperature from 25 to 27º C are just some of the reasons for which you should spend your vacation here.

croatia cultural heritage Your welcome will be crystal clear sea, heavenly beaches, unique islands, pleasant locals, home cooking and quality vines. You will enjoy the smell of lavender, beauty of old olive trees and sweet melody of crickets.

Untouched nature, as the prime Croatian attraction, is ideal place for rest and relaxation. Many isolated bays with beautiful beaches will provide so much needed peace and silence. If you are looking for active vacation surely you'll find something that suits you among many bicycle and tracking routes or climbing croatia sunsetthe mountains which stretch along the coastline and reaching as high as 1600 meters above sea level. For the ones of you who are looking for fun and night life, popular tourist centers such as island Hvar, beach Zrce on island Pag or Opatija offer plenty of activities especially suitable for younger guests.

Croatia - The Mediterranean as it once was!

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